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The price of the voucher corresponds to the selected service. The option to purchase an online voucher or to pick it up at a branch is available. To order a voucher at the branch, please call in advance.



We are 3 friends and teammates from basketball. Together we have opened a mens barber shop in Brno - Královo Pole. Our intention is to provide a quick and high-quality haircut at a reasonable price, which is how we want to differentiate ourselves from the concept of barber shops.

We want to cater to those who are looking for something between a hair salon and an overpriced barbeshop where you spend 2 hours. We are a combination of quality, speed and normal price.



Zdenda is a self-taught barber. He started cutting hair in 2019. He first cut his friends at home in the hallway when everything was closed due to covid. Friends of friends gradually increased, Zdenda decided to end his professional career as a basketball player and opened a men's barber shop together with Mulen and Kozic.


Jirka is our newest and youngest member of our Stríhačky team. His beginnings were very similar to Zdenda, when he cut his friends at home. He also completed a hairdressing course and now he cuts like an experienced greaser. You can also order your young children to Jirka, a children's haircut is not a problem for him.


Martin is our newest member of the Stríhačka team. He is a professional soccer player and he also started cutting hair. Martin is also self-taught and a successful graduate of the hairdressing course. You can also make an order with him and stand for your customized cut.



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